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A Little History

And Boy Do I Have It

Yes, I’ve been stomping through a design career for quite some time. So far, it’s been a hell of a ride. Lots of great, wonderful clients, lots of enlightened, interesting people.

Along the way I managed to win a bunch of awards and lead the design field into new eras and new technologies. I produced the very first totally digital brochure and continued to lead the desktop publishing revolution to what it is today. And then came the net/web and I hopped on board that train about as early as any designer in the country. In fact, because of my knowledge and experience it was almost forgotten that I also do print.

The thing I like about being a designer is you get to learn so much. Each new client or assignment brings a wealth of new knowledge.  I’m looking forward to it continuing. New clients, new assignments, new tech. Never a boring moment.

If you want to take add to my history, take a look at my portfolio, pop me an .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and let’s see if we’re a good match :-)

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A Few Key Highlights...
Of course we all have personal and career highlights, things we remember or stand out for some reason or another. Here's a few random ones for you to peruse.
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Does It Get Much Bigger than This

- Best Buy Comes Calling

The Internet boom is in full bloom. I'm doing web sites left and right, and it's pretty much taken over my print design business. The Internet pure-plays are predicted to take over the retailing world, Amazon's valued at more than all the other bookstores in the country combined, and the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers need to get on board -- fast. A headhunter makes a call, and I start a really wild ride. From scratch, no people and no code, to a full-bore, top-ten, e-commerce site with hundreds of thousands of products and a staff of more than 300, the website is born -- kicking and screaming and fully functional. It's a success, wins multiple awards, and, a few months later, I'm bushed!

It's Miller Time

- A Nice Sabbatical Is In Order

The internet bubble finally burst and that's probably a good thing. I needed a break so took a nice little sabbatical, the pause that refreshes. But, I love design, it's as much an enjoyable hobby as a career, so I could only stay away so long. Did manage to get reacquainted with photography (digital now), something I hadn't done since the 80's so it wasn't a waste of time. Also helped out friends with websites, blogs and such to keep my skills up-to-date.