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All About Me

Well, Maybe not Everything

Boxers or Briefs?

Nope, not gonna tell ya but you will find a little history and some highlights.

Since forming Geise Design, my main focus has been design systems for branding and marketing communications. Systems that give a face, a brand image. to companies and their products whether Fortune 500 or startup. Design systems are at the root of building an image and keeping it consistent over time and across mediums.

Even though I’ve become known for my online/web work (was one of the first designers working online), I do like print projects as well. After all, before the web, my practice was almost all print. And though my brain is wired for “systems”, literature systems, websites, etc., I do take on an individual assignment once in awhile if I find it interesting.

Take a look at my portfolio, let me know what you think. Let’s team up and make you stand out from the crowd.

Randy Geise
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

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Randy Geise